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We sell our seasonal organic produce at the Ithaca Farmers Market on Saturdays, Ithaca's Greenstar Food Coop, and Park Slope Food Coop in Brooklyn

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Blue Heron Farm grows 3 different colors of beets, 6 varieties of garlic, 16 lettuces, a dozen winter squashes and an amazing 25 types of tomatoes!

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Blue Heron Farm has been certified organic by NOFA-NY Certified Organic LLC since 1987

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Working at Blue Heron Farm

Farm workers are vastly underappreciated in America today. We believe that there is nothing more worthy of respect than working with both the mind and body to achieve concrete, measurable and essential goals. Working at Blue Heron Farm is a great opportunity to learn about organic farming while earning an hourly wage. We generally hire 4-5 people full-time, and 2-3 people part-time for the duration of the season. If you would like more information about working at Blue Heron, please feel free to contact us by phone or email. Details and an application form can be accessed below.

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